Isolation and Amplification of Touch DNA from Portable Computer

  • Miriam Jasim Shehab
  • Majeed Arsheed Sabbah
  • Dhuha Salim Namaa
  • Sura Nabeel
Keywords: Touch DNA, Crime scenes, Portable computer.


    Analysis of touched DNA from crime scenes is fundamental in forensic DNA laboratories. Many factors affect the recovery of DNA from touched surfaces and then affect the quality of the final results.  The aim of this work is studying the possibility of recovery suitable amount of DNA from ltouched portable computer. The computer was cleaned with 10% Bleach then touch and DNA collected for extraction by Organic method and two STR regions D5S818 (115-163bp) and FGA (308-464bp) were amplified. The results showed that it is possible to isolate a proper amount of DNA from touched portable computer where it was amplified and then analyzed by Agarose gel electrophoresis. The conclusion is that portable computer is suitable source for forensic analysis.